Les Coteaux


“This sweeping, glass-clad structure is a truly unique addition to the Kinshasa skyline.”

This sweeping, glass-clad structure plays host to six exclusive penthouse apartments, the view and orientation of which position it as a truly unique addition to the Kinshasa skyline. With a façade comprised almost entirely of glass, spacious balconies, and a narrow, elongated elevation, the building appears to almost melt into the air.

Adding to the structure’s airy, ethereal appearance are its asymmetrically tiered, glass-walled balconies which, in keeping with the building’s title, create the impression of organic, undulating terraces. The uppermost double-volume suites serve to further extend the vertical reach of the building. Despite its focus on material transparency, the building somehow retains a strong sense of intimacy and privacy for its residents.

Complementing and enhancing the exterior architectural language, the apartments’ interior programme has been designed as much for functionality as for its highly distinctive visual sensibility. Intelligently optimised for modern living, each suite offers its occupants a simple, efficient, clean-lined layout, a selection of contemporary fixtures and finely finished detailing.


Area5000 sqm
StatusIn development

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