Steyn City


Elegant linearity, volumetric simplicity and unembellished geometry infuse this northern Johannesburg residence with a truly singular sensibility. Designed to seamlessly integrate with its vast, park-like surroundings, the building’s minimal, planar architectural language recalls the sobriety of early 20th Century International Style masterpieces, while its refined detailing and environmentally-sensitive design exudes a thoroughly contemporary character.

Rather than falling back on ribbon-style windows commonly employed by its Modernist forebears, the all-white façade is selectively punctuated by full-height glass panes—the proportions and position of which invite expansive views of its natural setting, while providing its occupants with both privacy and protection from the Highveld climate. An adjacent, near-borderless natural reflection pool extends the building’s architectural profile into the landscape itself.

With its juxtaposition of broad overhangs and narrow recesses, and contrast of low, horizontal planes with elegant vertical rises, this home embraces a stripped-down, sculptural aesthetic that is classically-inspired yet confidently cutting edge.

Steyn City, Midrand, Gauteng

Area1000 sqm
StatusOn Site

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